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ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

as a hobby

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and exciting sport that anyone can play. It involves throwing and catching a disc with your teammates and scoring points by reaching the end zone of the opposing team. It is a sport that challenges your body and mind, as well as your spirit and character. If you are looking for a hobby that can improve your health, happiness, and social life, Ultimate Frisbee is the perfect choice for you.

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Ultimate Frisbee Highlights | Best of Women's Elite Club
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The Rules of Ultimate Frisbee (Ultimate) - EXPLAINED!
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How to Throw a Frisbee for Beginners
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How to Catch a Frisbee for Beginners

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Spotify | The perfect throw (Ultimate Frisbee with Henry Mattinson)
Spotify Embed: The perfect throw (Ultimate Frisbee with Henry Mattinson)
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Ultimate Frisbee is a self-officiated sport, which means that there are no referees and the players are responsible for making calls and resolving disputes according to the spirit of the game.

📜 Terms

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  • Bid: An impressive (but usually failing) attempt at diving to catch the disc.
  • Break: A pass that is made through the force, e.g. when a handler throws into the closed side of the pitch.
  • Call: A verbal announcement of a rule violation or a stoppage of play, such as a foul, a pick, or a timeout.
  • Cut: A sudden change of direction by an offensive player to get open for a pass.
  • Disc: The round plastic object that is thrown and caught in ultimate frisbee. The word “Frisbee” is actually a trademarked name and should not be used to refer to any disc.
  • Force: A defensive strategy that involves marking an offensive player and limiting their throwing options to one side of the field.
  • Hammer: A type of throw that involves holding the disc upside down and throwing it over the head with a flick of the wrist. It is usually used to throw over the defense or into the end zone.
  • Handler: An offensive player who stays near the disc and initiates the offense by throwing to other players.
  • Huck: A long throw that covers most or all of the length of the field.
  • Layout: A diving catch or block that involves extending the body horizontally in the air.
  • Mark: A defensive player who is assigned to guard an offensive player, usually the one with the disc.
  • Pivot: A foot that must remain in contact with the ground while holding the disc. The player can rotate around this foot to change their throwing angle.
  • Pull: The initial throw that starts each point. It is similar to a kickoff in football or a serve in volleyball.
  • Spirit of the Game: The underlying principle that guides ultimate frisbee. It involves respecting oneself, one’s opponents, and the rules of the game. It also requires players to self-officiate and resolve disputes without referees.
  • Stall: A count from one to ten that a defensive player says out loud while marking an offensive player with the disc.
  • End zone: One of the two areas at the end of the playing field where teams can score a goal by catching the disc there.
Ultimate Frisbee Field Diagram
Ultimate Frisbee Field Diagram (from USA Ultimate)

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Ultimate Frisbee is a no-contact sport, which means that players are not allowed to touch or interfere with each other physically. Any contact that affects the play is considered a foul and can result in a stoppage of play or a turnover. This rule is intended to prevent injuries and promote fair play.

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Flatball FULL MOVIE - Documentary, Sports
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How do I find a team or club to play with?

You can search online for local teams or clubs that welcome beginners, or ask around for recommendations. You can also check out websites such as USA Ultimate or UK Ultimate that have directories of teams and clubs in your area.

How do I throw and catch a disc?

There are many types of throws and catches in ultimate frisbee, but the most basic ones are the backhand and the forehand. To throw a backhand, hold the disc in your dominant hand and swing it across your body from left to right (or right to left if you are left-handed). To throw a forehand, hold the disc in your dominant hand and flick it with your wrist from right to left (or left to right if you are left-handed). To catch a disc, use both hands and try to grab it firmly. You can also use your body to cushion the impact of the disc.

How long does a game of ultimate frisbee last?

A game of ultimate frisbee usually lasts for 90 minutes or until one team reaches 15 points, whichever comes first. There are also timeouts and half-time breaks that can affect the duration of the game.

What are the rules of ultimate frisbee?

– The game is played by two teams of seven players each on a rectangular field with two end zones.
– The game starts with a pull, which is a throw from one team to the other. The receiving team then tries to advance the disc by passing it among their players.
– The player with the disc cannot run or walk with it, but can pivot on one foot. They have ten seconds to throw the disc, which is counted out loud by a defensive player.
– The disc changes possession when it hits the ground, goes out of bounds, or is intercepted or blocked by a defensive player.
– A point is scored when a player catches the disc in the end zone of the opposing team.
– After each point, the teams switch sides and roles.

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