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Resilience Hobbies

Hobbies and Resilience

Appropriately applied, resilience can be highly beneficial. Our resilience can be improved. While we may not lack hardships for practicing our resilience, there is good and bad practice. Hobbies can provide good practice of resilience, and further help support it.

Resilience Can Be Beneficial and Can Be Improved

    • Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
    • Appropriately applied, resilience can be highly beneficial:

More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails.

How Resilience Works | Harvard Business Review

    • Our resilience can be improved.
    • One way to develop our resilience is by practicing it:

[…] the best way to develop resilience is through hardship […]

The Dark Side of Resilience | Harvard Business Review

    • Unfortunately, most of us don’t lack hardship, so we don’t lack opportunities to practice and develop our resilience. But, is there good and bad practice of resilience?

Good and Bad Resilience

    • Yes, inappropriately applied, resilience can be bad:

[…] too much resilience could make people overly tolerant of adversity […]

[…] extreme resilience could drive people to become overly persistent with unattainable goals. […]

The Dark Side of Resilience | Harvard Business Review

This implies a law of formal permanence that leaves no space for real change to occur in the life of the individual.

Transformational Resilience | Psychology Today

    • Good resilience practice is either absolutely required or aligned with our true self and values.
    • In order to align resilience practice with our true selves, we need to know our true selves.

Hobbies Can Help Us Become More Resilient

    • Hobbies can help us develop a stronger sense of self – making us more resilient and also helping us to better discern when resilience is worthwhile.
    • Hobbies can also foster mindfulness, which enhances resilience:

[…] psychological resilience is more pronounced in mindful people.

Evidence Mounts That Mindfulness Breeds Resilience | Greater Good Magazine

    • Being activities we choose and love, hobbies provide a better, more efficient context to practice resilience:

Those who love what they do are 3.9X more likely to be highly resilient.

10 Facts About Resilience – ADP Research Institute

    • Hobbies can help us take a reviving break. They can help us take our minds off adversities and allow us new perspectives.
    • Hobbies can help us build a wider, more diverse support network:

New research shows that resilience is also heavily enabled by strong relationships and networks.

We can nurture and build our resilience through a wide variety of interactions with people in our personal and professional lives.

The Secret to Building Resilience | Harvard Business Review

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