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as a hobby

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan

Basketball is a fun and exciting hobby that can improve your fitness, coordination, and teamwork skills. You can play basketball with friends, join a local team, or practice on your own. All you need is a ball, a hoop, and a court. Basketball can also help you make new friends and enjoy some friendly competition. If you are looking for a hobby that is challenging, rewarding, and fun, basketball might be the perfect choice for you.

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YouTube | Michael Jordan – Masterclass: Basketball Fundamentals
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YouTube | How To Dribble A Basketball For Beginners! Basketball Basics [SECRETS]
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YouTube | How To Shoot A Basketball For Beginners! Basketball Basics [SECRETS]


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Basketball is not only a fun and exciting sport, but also a great way to improve your health, fitness, and skills. It can strengthen your muscles, bones, heart, lungs, and brain. It can also enhance your coordination, agility, balance, speed, and endurance.


Basic lingo for orientation.

  • Airball: A shot that misses the rim and the backboard completely.
  • Alley-oop: A pass that is thrown high above the rim to a teammate who catches it and dunks it or lays it in.
  • And-one: A situation where a player is fouled while making a shot and gets a free throw as a bonus.
  • Assist: A pass that leads directly to a basket by a teammate.
  • Bank shot: A shot that bounces off the backboard before going into the basket.
  • Block: A defensive play where a player deflects or stops a shot attempt by an opponent.
  • Crossover: A dribbling move where a player switches the ball from one hand to the other quickly, often changing direction as well.
  • Dribble: The act of bouncing the ball continuously with one hand while moving or standing still.
  • Dunk: A shot where a player jumps high and slams the ball down through the rim with one or both hands.
  • Fast break: An offensive play where a team advances the ball quickly up the court before the defense can set up, often resulting in an easy basket.
  • Foul: A violation of the rules that involves illegal contact with an opponent.
  • Layup: A shot where a player releases the ball close to the basket while running and jumping.
  • Man-to-man defense: A defensive strategy where each defender is assigned to guard one specific offensive player.
  • Outlet pass: A pass from a rebounder to a teammate who is near the sideline or at midcourt, initiating a fast break.
  • Pick and roll: An offensive play where a player sets a screen for a teammate with the ball and then rolls to the basket, looking for a pass.
  • Pivot: The act of keeping one foot in place while moving the other foot in any direction.
  • Rebound: The act of grabbing the ball after a missed shot attempt.
  • Screen: An offensive move where a player stands still and blocks the path of a defender who is guarding a teammate with the ball, creating space for the teammate to shoot or drive.
  • Traveling: A violation where a player moves with the ball without dribbling it. A player can only take one step after picking up the ball or catching a pass. If they take more than one step, they are called for traveling and lose possession of the ball.

How to start basketball as a hobby

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YouTube | Trailer: “The Last Dance” 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls
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YouTube | Hoop Dreams (1994) | Official Trailer


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What are the basic skills of basketball?

The basic skills of basketball are dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense. Dribbling is bouncing the ball with one hand while moving or standing still. Passing is throwing the ball at a teammate. Shooting is throwing the ball toward the basket. Rebounding is grabbing the ball after a missed shot. Defense is preventing the opponent from scoring.

How can I practice basketball by myself?

You can practice basketball by yourself by doing drills that improve your skills. For example, you can practice dribbling with both hands, shooting from different distances and angles, doing layups with both hands and doing free throws. You can also use a wall or a rebounder to practice passing and catching. You can use a basketball training app and YouTube tutorials. If you have a backyard, consider buying a basketball hoop.

How can I find people to play basketball with?

Try to motivate and recruit friends. If no luck, try the Fullcourt app. If no luck, visit the nearest court and things will happen by themselves. As a beginner, be humble, rebound, defend, and pass first and often.


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Additional advice for beginners.

  • As a beginner, be humble, rebound, defend, and pass first and often.