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Balance Hobbies

Our balance is essential and can be improved with practice. Hobbies can be a great medium for improving our balance, and having fun with it.

🛈 The following introduction doesn’t substitute professional medical consultation.

Balance refers to an individual’s ability to maintain their line of gravity within their Base of support (BOS).

Balance – Physiopedia

In its most basic form, balance is an essential daily skill. In its advanced form, balance is a source of enjoyment.

While balance is known to be an issue with older adults, it is not a uniform skill in young adults either – some of us may have better- or worse balance.

Luckily, balance can be improved with practice.

While there are balance-focused exercises, a hobby might be a better medium for practicing and improving our balance.

Dedicated balance exercises can be tedious. They can also be hard for our self-esteem as someone who needs to practice their balance.

Hobbies, on the other hand, can be more engaging and interesting, and have a positive influence on our self-esteem, rather than a negative one. While the practice can be similar, saying that we are practicing tai-chi, might feel better than saying that we are practicing our balance.

Of course, we may already have a good balance. Hobbies can be a great opportunity for improving our balance further and having fun with it.

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Practicing our balance can be challenging and fun.

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