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Park Hobbies

On the benefits of city parks, and hobbies that can help us utilize them.

Parks are urban features that often go overlooked or underappreciated. Parks present great opportunities for spending quality time. Parks provide us a reason to go outdoors, and this is important as we spend on average 93% of our time indoors. Urban parks also provide a taste of nature, while being close and accessible. Parks also present us with opportunities to get to know our community better and get involved.

According to the City Parks Alliance:

  • City parks encourage active lifestyles and reduce health costs.
  • City parks strengthen local economies and create job opportunities.
  • City parks make cities more resilient.
  • City parks increase community engagement and reduce crime.
  • City parks help clean the air and improve public health.
  • City parks are a tool for cities to achieve their equity goals.

    Hobbies are a great way to utilize city parks, enjoy their benefits, and contribute to their prosperity.

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