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Outdoor Hobbies

On the benefits of spending time outdoors, and hobbies that can promote us to do so.

The word outdoors is sometimes used as a synonym for nature. As this meaning is covered by the nature-hobbies page, this page is dedicated to the more general meaning of outdoors: outside a building; in or into the open air.

While homes and other buildings can be great places to spend time and pursue hobbies, spending time outdoors is also important and beneficial. This is especially true given that on average we spend 93% of our time indoors.

people sitting on green grass field

Spending too much time at home or in the office is confusing our bodies, which are telling us to get out more.

For the sake of our health, we need to kick the indoor habit | Vybarr Cregan-Reid | The Guardian

It might not be surprising that studies find that spending time outdoors is beneficial:

Results indicate remarkable and potentially behaviorally relevant plasticity of cerebral structure within a short time frame driven by the daily time spent outdoors. This is compatible with anecdotal evidence of the health and mood-promoting effects of going for a walk.

Spend time outdoors for your brain – an in-depth longitudinal MRI study| Taylor & Francis Online

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But while we know great things might be waiting for us out there, it isn’t easy to leave the comfort of our homes, or other buildings.

Hobbies can provide us with the motivation required to go outside and help incorporate outdoor time into our routine.

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