Person Laying on Sofa While Reading Book

Home Hobbies

On the benefits of home-attachment, and hobbies that can be done at home.

Some people climb mountains
Some people parachute from heights
Some people ride on horses
And some gain distance

But I like being at home
With the tea, the lemon and the old books

Like Being at Home, Arik Einstein (translated from hebrew)

Place attachment, an emotional bond that people can experience with a specific location or area, increases well-being and happiness. In a study of the psychological benefits of place attachment, the most commonly mentioned places in responses were homes, and one of the most commonly mentioned benefits was support for practicing hobbies.

Home is where we recharge, where we regroup. As such, home is a great sanctuary for relaxing hobbies. But home’s convenience and safety can also serve as a gateway for adventure, challenge, and discovery.

Explore the list of hobbies that can be done at home.

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