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Hair Styling

as a hobby

Hair styling as a hobby offers a creative outlet and the joy of personal transformation. It can be therapeutic, boosting self-esteem and providing a sense of accomplishment. Beginners can start with basic tools like combs, scissors, and online tutorials to embark on this artistic journey.

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Hair styling allows for creative expression and can be a form of personal artistry.


Basic lingo for orientation.

  • Blowout: A styling technique that involves drying hair after a wash to achieve a smooth and sleek look.
  • Diffusing: A method of drying curly hair using a diffuser attachment to distribute the heat evenly and maintain the curls’ shape.
  • Layering: Cutting hair at different lengths to create volume, texture, and dimension.
  • Highlights: Adding lighter strands of hair to create depth and movement.
  • Balayage: A freehand hair coloring technique for a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect.
  • Updo: A hairstyle where the hair is arranged and pinned up off the neck and shoulders.
  • Teasing: Backcombing hair to create volume at the roots.
  • Keratin Treatment: A smoothing treatment that straightens hair and reduces frizz.

How to start hair styling as a hobby

First moves for getting acquainted and breaking the ice.

  • Try YouTube hairstyling tutorials on your own hair, or a hair mannequin.
  • Consider books, apps, online courses, or in-person courses near you to improve your styling.


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Hair styling offers a platform for continual learning and skill enhancement, with new techniques and trends always emerging.


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YouTube | Blow Dry (2001) Official Trailer – Josh Hartnett, Rachael Leigh Cook Movie HD
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Is hair styling a hobby?

Yes, hair styling can be a very rewarding and creative hobby. It allows you to express yourself and can be practiced at any skill level.

What basic tools do I need to start hair styling?

A few basic tools include a good pair of scissors, combs, brushes, and hair care products like shampoo and conditioner.  A hair styling kit is a good starting point.

Do I need to take professional courses?

While not mandatory, professional courses can provide structured learning and help you master various techniques.

Can I practice hair styling on myself?

Absolutely! Self-styling is a great way to practice and understand different hair types and styles.

How can I experiment and practice hair styling?
  • Your Own Hair: Begin by experimenting with your own hair. Try out different styles that you find in tutorials or books. It’s a convenient and immediate way to practice and see results.
  • Mannequin Head: Invest in a mannequin head with hair. It’s an excellent tool for practicing various techniques without the fear of making mistakes on a real person.
  • Friends and Family: Offer to style your friends’ and family members’ hair. This will give you experience working with different hair types and preferences, and they might give you valuable feedback.
Can I turn hair styling into a career?

Yes, many hobbyists develop their skills further to become professional hair stylists.


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YouTube | Style Your Own Hair for Any Occasion with Jen Atkin | Official Trailer | MasterClass
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