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Innovation Hobbies

Innovation is defined as “making changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas”. It is a fulfilling and satisfying process, though long and demanding.

Innovation is often associated with business and work. However, our jobs may not always provide the most conducive environments for innovation.

A quick web search for “barriers to innovation in work” finds:

  • Cultural issues
  • Fear
  • Impractical expectations
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of leadership
  • Lack of managerial support
  • Lack of resource
  • Lack of strategy or vision
  • No time
  • Politics, turf wars, and a lack of alignment
  • Resistance to change
  • Short term thinking

From: The Most Commonly Cited Barriers to Innovation in Large Companies? Internal Politics | Harvard Business Review; The ten barriers to innovation | Lucidity; 10 Innovation Challenges And How To Overcome Them | Accept Mission

    Sounds familiar? Can you relate to the list? In fact, our jobs are probably the least ideal environment for innovation.

    Furthermore, we may not be sufficiently committed or invested in our jobs to fully apply our talents.

    In 2022, the median tenure of an employee in the US was 4.1 years. This figure only takes into account those who switched companies, not those who changed positions within the same company. It’s also important to consider the stages of a position. In the beginning, we are still learning and gaining confidence. Towards the end, we are often already looking for the next opportunity, knowing we will leave soon.

    The bottom line is clear: our jobs are mostly short-term engagements. As such, our jobs may not provide a conducive environment for innovation.

    Hobbies, on the other hand, might provide a better context for innovation. A hobby is something we choose to do for our own sake and enjoyment, not for anyone else, and with no external goal. When engaged in a hobby, we are in it for the long run. We are fully committed and invested. We can take our time with research, ideation, and implementation, and later perfect, adjust, adapt, and refine our projects.

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