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Drumming is a dynamic and engaging hobby that can bring joy and rhythm to your life. It’s not only a great way to express yourself creatively, but it also has numerous health benefits such as improving coordination, reducing stress, and boosting brain power. To get started, all you need is a pair of drumsticks (or kitchen utensils), a practice pad (or a pillow), and a passion for rhythm.

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YouTube | The Godmother Of Drumming Plays “Down With The Sickness”
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Spotify | Drumeo Gab Podcast


Basic lingo for orientation.

  • Beat: The basic rhythmic pattern of a song or a measure. It is usually played by the bass drum and the snare drum.
  • Fill: A short musical phrase that breaks up the beat and adds variety or excitement. It is usually played by the toms and the cymbals.
  • Groove: The overall feel or style of a drum part. It is influenced by the tempo, dynamics, accents, and syncopation of the beat and the fill.
  • Rudiment: A fundamental drumming technique that consists of a combination of strokes, such as single, double, or triple. There are 40 official rudiments that every drummer should learn and practice.
  • Stickings: The specific sequence of left and right hand strokes used to play a drum pattern or rudiment.
  • Ghost Note: A note that is played very softly, often on the snare drum, to add texture and complexity to the groove.
  • Flam: A rudiment that consists of two notes played almost simultaneously, with one hand playing slightly before the other.
  • Paradiddle: A rudiment that consists of a four-note pattern of single and double strokes (RLRR or LRLL).
  • Rimshot: A technique where the drumstick hits the drumhead and the rim at the same time, producing a loud, sharp sound.
  • Swing: A style of drumming where the eighth notes are played with a long-short pattern, giving the music a swinging feel.
  • Tempo: The speed of the music, usually measured in beats per minute (BPM).
  • Time Signature: The number of beats in each measure and the type of note that gets one beat, usually written as a fraction (e.g., 4/4, 3/4, 6/8).

More terms: 100+ Drum Terms: A Beginner’s List – Drumeo Beat

How to start drumming as a hobby

First moves for getting acquainted and breaking the ice.

  • You can find an in-person trial drum lesson near you.
  • If this is not possible, or you prefer to start on your own, you can:


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Step-by-step tutorials.

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YouTube | Practice Pad Workout For Beginners – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)
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YouTube | Practice Pad Lesson For Beginners – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)


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YouTube | Whiplash | Official Trailer HD (2014)


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Can I start learning drumming without a drum kit?

Yes. You can practice on a pillow or a practice pad. Consider the Drumeo P4 Practice Pad. It is more expensive but simulates the feel of actually moving around the drums. Practice pads continue to be useful even after moving to a drum set.

Another option is air drumsticks, which mimic an actual drum set. They require no space and make no noise.

How quiet are electronic drum sets?

Electronic drum sets are quieter than acoustic drum sets, but they are not silent. Some are quieter than others and should be quiet enough not to interrupt the neighbors.

If you need to be even quieter, consider air drumsticks.

How can I practice drumming without interrupting the neighbors?

You can use a pillow, a practice pad, air drumsticks, or a quiet electronic drum set. You can also use silicone tips to mute your drumsticks.

How expensive is a drum set?

You can get a decent beginner drum set for around $300.


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Essentials to have.

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YouTube | Can You Play Drums WITHOUT Drums? TRUTH About Aeroband PocketDrum 2 Plus | Review
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YouTube | The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad – Solo By Pat Petrillo
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YouTube | Donner DED 80 Electric Drum Kit


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YouTube | Sheila E. Teaches Drumming and Percussion | Official Trailer | MasterClass
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YouTube | The Beginner Drummer’s Masterclass

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