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Discovering and Enjoying Music

as a hobby

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.


Music needs no introduction. But are we giving it the appropriate attention?

Helpful content to start discovering and enjoying music as a hobby

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YouTube Playlist | Audience Favorite Tiny Desks of 2022
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YouTube Playlist | Sofar London (CP)
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YouTube Playlist | The Best Of Mahogany: 2018
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YouTube | How I discover new music organically without algorithms.


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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

Victor Hugo


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How to start discovering and enjoying music as a hobby

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Without music, life would be a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Nothing like a film for inspiration.


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Additional advice for beginners.

  • Listen to albums and artists, not just playlists. This will help you appreciate the artistic vision and coherence of the music, as well as discover new songs and genres that you might not find on curated playlists.
  • Bring music to the foreground. Set aside time for solely listening. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the music and pay attention to the lyrics, melodies, rhythms, and emotions that it conveys. You can also try listening to music in different settings, such as outdoors, in a dark room, or with headphones.
  • Research and explore. This will enrich your musical knowledge and appreciation, as well as expose you to different perspectives and cultures. You can read reviews, interviews, biographies, histories, and analyses of the music you like or want to learn more about. You can also watch documentaries, concerts, and performances online or on TV.
  • Utilize your music app features such as recommendations, new releases and nearby concerts. This will help you stay updated on the latest trends and discoveries in the music world, as well as find opportunities to see live music and support your favorite artists. You can also follow playlists, radio stations, podcasts, and blogs that cater to your musical tastes and interests.
  • Go to see your favorite artists live. Either by using the native nearby concerts feature of your music app or by using dedicated apps such as Bandsintown and Songkick. This will give you a memorable and exhilarating experience of seeing and hearing your favorite music live, as well as connect you with other fans and musicians. You can also discover new artists and genres by attending festivals, open mic nights, and local shows.
  • Maybe invest in quality headphones. This will enhance your listening experience by providing better sound quality, noise cancellation, and comfort. You can also choose headphones that suit your style, personality, and budget.
  • Listen to music with others. This will make your music listening more social and enjoyable, as well as spark conversations and debates about the music you love or hate. You can listen to music with your friends, family, colleagues, or strangers online or offline. You can also join clubs, groups, or communities that share your musical passion and preferences.
  • Follow music podcasts. This will keep you informed and entertained by listening to experts, critics, artists, and fans talk about music. You can find podcasts that cover specific genres, topics, eras, or regions of music, or that feature interviews, reviews, stories, and debates. You can also interact with the podcast hosts and guests by sending them questions, comments, or suggestions.
  • Subscribe to music newsletters. This will deliver curated and personalized content to your inbox on a regular basis. You can find newsletters that offer news, insights, recommendations, playlists, and more on the music you love or want to discover. You can also share your feedback and opinions with the newsletter writers and readers.