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person swimming in body of water


as a hobby

The water is your friend. You don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.

Alexandr Popov

Swimming is a fun and social hobby that provides numerous health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health and reduced stress. To get started, find a local swimming pool or open water area, invest in basic equipment, and consider taking lessons from a qualified instructor to learn proper technique and build confidence. Give it a try and experience the many rewards of this great hobby!

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YouTube | Can swimming improve your mental health? – BBC London
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YouTube Playlist | Swimming Tips


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Spotify | 3 Swim Workouts for Beginners
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Spotify | #204: The Beginner's Guide To Freestyle with Irene Cats

Swimming can improve your sleep quality, mood, and mental health by releasing endorphins and reducing stress.


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How to start swimming as a hobby

First moves for getting acquainted and breaking the ice.

Find your nearest swimming pool and visit it. If you feel like it, jump into the water. No need for much more than that for your first date. No pressure.


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Swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds as it is a low-impact and adaptable sport.


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Swimming can be a social activity where you can meet new people, join a club, or participate in competitions.


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YouTube | The Swimmers | Official Trailer | Netflix


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What do I need to start swimming?

You need a swimsuit that fits you well and allows you to move freely. You may also want to wear goggles, a swim cap, and earplugs to protect your eyes, hair, and ears from the water.

How can I improve my swimming technique?

To improve your swimming technique, you need to focus on your body position, breathing, kicking, and arm movement. You can also watch videos of professional swimmers or ask for feedback from your instructor or a friend.

What are some common swimming mistakes and how can I avoid them?

Some common swimming mistakes are: holding your breath instead of exhaling underwater; lifting your head too high when breathing; bending your knees too much when kicking; or crossing your arms over the center line when stroking.


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Cave paintings from the Stone Age depicting swimmers have been found in Egypt.

Official website of the Olympics


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Additional advice for beginners.

  • Basic pool etiquette:
    • Rinse off in the shower before jumping in the pool.
    • Match your lane to your pace, as some pools have different lanes for different speeds
    • Swim on the right side of the lane
    • Be kind to your fellow swimmers
  • If you are a guy, you might want to try elasticated shorts instead of non-elasticated ones for swimming. Elasticated shorts can reduce the drag and resistance that slows you down, and also help you get a better feel of the water.