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Photography hobbyist? Stay motivated with photography contests

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Photography is a great hobby, but the thought of your photos getting no exposure can be discouraging.

Many hobbyist photographers share this feeling: What’s the point in taking photos if nobody sees them?

One option for getting your photos out there, and maintaining motivation, is photography competitions.

Photography competitions can offer valuable benefits:

frequently asked questions about photography Contests that might hold you back

Are photography competitions open to hobbyists?

Absolutely! Most competitions welcome photographers of all levels, regardless of experience. Some have dedicated beginners category. Just check the eligibility criteria to ensure you qualify.

Is it free to enter? How much does it cost?

Some competitions are free to enter, while others have entry fees that contribute to prize pools or event organizations. Think of it as an investment in your hobby and a chance to gain valuable exposure.

What kind of prizes are there?

Prizes can range from equipment and cash to publication opportunities and exhibition inclusions. But remember, personal growth and skill development are valuable rewards in themselves, even without a trophy.

What types of photography competitions are there?

The world of photography competitions is vast and exciting! Here’s a glimpse into the variety you can find:
– Genre-specific: Explore competitions dedicated to specific styles like landscape, portrait, wildlife, macro, or street photography.
– Theme-based: Dive into challenges with unique themes like “Travel Memories,” “Urban Exploration,” or “Food in Focus.”
– Mobile photography: Showcase your smartphone prowess in contests specifically for phone-captured images.
– International: Take your talents global with competitions open to photographers worldwide.
– Local: Connect with your local community through regional or city-based contests.
– Student and youth: Find competitions designed to encourage and celebrate young photographers.

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