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River Hobbies

You cannot step twice into the same rivers; for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you.

Heraclitus, Fragment 12 Fragments of Heraclitus

All along history, rivers have sourced metaphors for life.

Rivers have been personalized, fantasized, sung to, regarded as sacred, invented to symbolize the inevitability of death, remembered because they marked turning points in human history. If it were not for the winding Maiandros we would not meander; without the Rhine literature and music would be the poorer by the loss of countless legends […]

Bernard Levin, Enthusiasms, Chapter 4

moss covered rocks beside river
Rivers can be a scene of relaxation and meditation…

Indeed, rivers play an important role in the development of human civilization.

Rivers can be a scene of relaxation and meditation, or adventure and thrill.

people boating
…or of adventure and thrill.

Hobbies can introduce opportunities to come closer to rivers, which are a source of life.

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